Cheltenham Horsemanship Club - NEW! 30th June

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Cheltenham Horsemanship Club - NEW! 30th June

Post by lightertouch on Mon Jun 20, 2011 10:23 am

Hi everyone,

Bohohorse and I are starting a new club in Cheltenham, for anyone interested in improving their relationship with their horse. We'll be running training and competition days, as well as emphasising the social side of things. We'll host workshops and clinics, mounted and unmounted, as well as pub and DVD nights. There'll be Saddlechariot and bitless have-a-go days, with schoolmasters available for those not wanting to use or without their own horse. We're into classical dressage, Horse Agility and le Trec. We'll also happily consider events that are suggested to us. It going to be a great journey, and massively fun!

We're running an informal get-to-know you/your horse pub night at The Railway Inn in Cheltenham on Thursday 30th June, at 7pm. Please do come along for a chat!

For more information:

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