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Hi there,
I haven't posted a topic for a while, so thought I'd post some! Very Happy
I'm 15yo and own 5 horses.
Here are the current work I'm doing with my horses:
Choise- Purebred Arabian Mare Bay 15hh 15yo: I'm currently doing lots of Bareback work with Choise, including jumping and flatwork. I'm also working on riding at Liberty, starting with the Cordeo in a roundyard, which is coming along nicely. I'm also improving on Leg Aids. Choise is ridden in the LightRider Bitless Noseband.

Leo- American QH X ASH Gelding Bay 15hh 7yo: Leo is a very lazy horse 99% of the time! The 1% of GO is wonderful, like offering a beautiful and smooth canter, rather than a bouncy and lazy canter!! ATM I'm getting Leo to do a Rein-Back from a trot, and man can he stop quickly!! I've ridden Leo at Team Penning, and he can turn on his hindquarters fast! My Mum is now riding him at Team Penning, and is haven't great fun! Leo is ridden in the LightRider Bitless Natural.

Mharli- Arabian Pony Mare Grey(fleabitten) 12.2hh 13yo: Mharli is my FUN pony who I ride around Bareback 99.9% of the time!! I ride with the saddle at Team Penning, but than ride around at the grounds Bareback, been the days entertainment!! Very Happy I am currently jumping 50cm easily on Mharli bareback and occasionally with a saddle for about 5 minutes! ;-) Even though Mharli is small, she is ultra-goey and really fast!! I am riding her at Team Penning and we alomst broke the record by 1.23 seconds! We pended 3 cows in 26seconds!! Smile That's out of 20 cows! Mharli loves chasing cows, with her ears back and all! Mharli's ridden in the LightRider Bitless Natural.

Bobby- Shetland Gelding Black/White Pinto 9.3hh 5yo: Bobby is for my little sister(6yo), Brooke, who loves riding him! Bobby was started under saddle in March(not by me) and was than turned out. We bought Bobby a month ago off a friend. Bobby is the CUTEST shetland I've ever seen and is very well bred! I am finishing off Bobby ATM and he is progressing well. I ride him bareback because we don't have a saddle that fits him and it's very tricky to stay on such a tiny horse!! I've cantered on Bobby, which would've looked hilarious! And I had a ball on him! I found it difficult to do though!! ;D I've introduced Bobby to balls, tarps, bag, plastic bags, puddles, poly pipes, jumps, logs, etc.. and he is excellently behaved!! Bobby is ridden in the LightRider Bitless Natural.

Gloreous-Partbred Arabian Filly Grey Mature appox. 13.1hh 2 1/2yo: Gloreous is so gorgeous!! I love her soo much! She is currently about 12.2hh and has still got to fill out a lot! I've done lots and lots of groundwork with Gloreous, starting from the day she was born and imprinted! I handled her every day with the help of my Mum and she's what motivated me to really get serious about horses! We bred her outselves, but she wasn't planned! The stallion jumped over the fence, did his job, than jumped back! So we have NO idea until a month before she was born! Her dam is Mharli. Her sire is a Purebred Arabian(now gelded) used for Endurance and Pleasure Riding. Gloreous is very ARABIAN(50%)! She has nice movement and pretty good conformation. I won't be starting her until she's well matured, so maybe in 6months time. I've done all the groundwork with her, from tarps to jumping! I do everything I can think of with her, so she's my main project! Very Happy

You can see pictures and information of my horses and I on my website:

Will post more soon!
Grace Very Happy

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Post by Cyndi on Sun Aug 28, 2011 8:26 am

What a cute website Grace! Well done. cheers

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