United States potentional bitless competitors

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United States potentional bitless competitors Empty United States potentional bitless competitors

Post by spirithorse8 on Thu Sep 22, 2011 9:58 am

Legal Notice
Potential Bitless Competitors

Do you seriously desire to compete in any division or class under the regulatory body of the United States Equestrian Federation? If you wish to be a recognized bitless competitor, please contact Mr. E. Allan Buck through the email address - spiritbridle@yahoo.com- with the subject line to read as 'Potential Bitless Competitor'. [Notice posted pursuant to counsel request]

Do you wish to compete bitless using most any form of bitless in any recognized competition? Then Please contact us as we require that any individual who wishes to compete bitless to communicate with us. It should be a most productive communication for bitless competition to be recognized in the United States.


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