Canadian horse rides bitless at Spruce Meadows

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Canadian horse rides bitless at Spruce Meadows Empty Canadian horse rides bitless at Spruce Meadows

Post by Zoe on Wed Sep 17, 2008 8:08 am

Hi Folks,

I fianlly made it to the new forum!

Cool headline, eh! Actually, it is not quite what you may think. Canadian horses don't jump that high, except perhaps my yearling who just cleared a 4.5 foot stall door from a standstill with a lame front leg! But that's another story!

Here (below) is what I posted on the News page at our web site, with a video of the demonstration and a short clip of one of our yearling foals.

We had an awesome time at Spruce Meadows!! I am so happy that the working cowboys and so many others out west are very open to changing to bitless. One couple bought one bridle one day, and came back for 3 more after trying it on their most difficult horse. One fellow had great stories of chasing the calves up the moutains.

Canadian Horse Bitless at Spruce Meadows
Meadow on the Green, September 7, 2008: The Canadian Horse Association of Alberta presented a demonstration of the CCanadian horse rides bitless at Spruce Meadows Susan_Katrina_1anadian Horse, the national horse of Canada, often called the 'little iron horse'. We were very pleased to see that one of the riders chose to do all her demonstrations, and to entertain the crowds at Spruce Meadows in a Nurtural bitless bridle. Susan and Katrina were introduced to the Nurtural Bitless in one of the Bitless Challenges at the Calgary Stampede in July. Enjoy the remarkable story of this once-endangered breed and demonstrations of English, Western and Driving.
Please enjoy the YouTube video of Spruce Meadows & Canadians for sale at Guys' Acres
below ...
We have a great selection of yearlings and adult Canadian horses at Guys' Acres. Please E-mail Zoe for details.

You can see the video at or at my YouTube Channel
It is a great overview of this relatively rare breed. They are really friendly and inquisitive horses ... and very pretty!

All the best!



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Canadian horse rides bitless at Spruce Meadows Empty Re: Canadian horse rides bitless at Spruce Meadows

Post by Cyndi on Wed Sep 17, 2008 6:08 pm

Hi Zoe.

I enjoyed watching the video! I'm so happy that things went well there.

Your yearling hopped the stall door from a stand-still? Get him/her into jumping! LOL

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