The Path of the Horse

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The Path of the Horse

Post by bohohorse on Tue Sep 23, 2008 2:59 pm

I noticed Wendy mentioned this DVD on the group. I just ordered it at the end of last week and it arrived just in time for the weekend Very Happy

A brief synopsis: a professional horse trainer decides that there is more to life than the version of horsemanship that she knows and sets out on a personal odyssey to meet people who seem to be able to create amazing relationships with horses. She travels round the world, meeting amongst others: Mark Rashid, Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, Alexander Nevzorov and Carolyn Resnick.

Each share their philosophies and demonstrate a little of their methods.

It's a documentary not a training DVD as such, so there wouldn't be enough information to try to use any of the trainers methods. But it would be a useful introduction to these people and what they do if you hadn't come across them before.

Even if you are familiar with them, the film stands alone as a fascinating and inspiring story. It's interesting to see that the trainers disagree on some points but agree on the fundamental points: that any relationship with a horse should be based on mutual respect, trust and huge gratitude that such an amazing animal allows us to be part of his life.

Recommended Very Happy

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