New Present has Arrived!

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New Present has Arrived!

Post by HorseHippie on Mon May 04, 2009 7:18 am

Hey all!

My Arab is going for training next month and I realized that hey, I have to get another bitless bridle to send with him. OH DARN...I WILL HAVE TO GO SHOPPING! Laughing So, I went on ebay looking for a used bitless thinking I have time between now and then to consider shipping, customs, etc., and the new ones are pretty darned expensive! Low and behold, one of the local boarding facilities has become the new dealer for Dr. Cooks bridles in Saskatchewan! And did I mention LOCAL! No shipping fees, no currency exchange...I had to pinch myself! What luck! And, when I called the lady, she said that her shipment would be in any day and I noticed that she emailed me yesterday saying that it was in!

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Re: New Present has Arrived!

Post by Cyndi on Sat May 09, 2009 2:26 pm

YAY!! That is great news! A person can really take a kicking on shipping costs!

There seems to be a lot of horse-related, hard-to-find products that are becoming available in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. I picked up Fanny's small Equi-Spirit ball in Georgia when we were passing through, and then found out that there is a Canadian distributor that lives in Manitoba...only about a half hour away from my mom's house!! The next time we are heading out there, or anyone there is coming here, I will order the big ball and have them bring it out for me.

I was also looking for a grooming product for Fanny, that is based in Texas. The website was very unfriendly to anyone outside of the US. The toll-free number wasn't accessible from Canada, and to email them you have to fill out a "form" with a zip code. I finally did a search for the company and found their local phone number and called it one evening. I found out that there are two Canadian distributors - one in Manitoba (which is where I ordered from), and one in Saskatoon! Wish I had all these products closer to home Surprised)

Your Arab is going to the trainer that's just down the road from you, right? The one that is super inexpensive? Let us know how things go!


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