Looking for people riding bitless...

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Looking for people riding bitless... Empty Looking for people riding bitless...

Post by Sydney on Sat Aug 23, 2008 10:13 am


It's a brand new online "you-niversity" We need people interested for
courses such as an online kids camp, online clinics of all disciplines,
not just bitless but hopefully aimed towards natural/bitless riders of
all kinds and in the future probably other topics completely unrelated
to horses. The nurtural in the name refers not to the company but the
way of learning (nurture and develop with kindness).

We will be hosting our nurtural coaching/clinician course on it as well as a discussion group and other courses as they are in demand. It's fairly new and not really publicized yet so we need input, suggestions etc!

Help us spread word on the bitless revolution.

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Looking for people riding bitless... Empty Re: Looking for people riding bitless...

Post by Cyndi on Mon Aug 25, 2008 6:42 pm

My first thought when I read your post, Sydney, was, "Man, I wish I was a more experienced horse person so that I could hold a clinic!". Very Happy Unfortunately, even if I was more experienced, doing a clinic would be difficult. Maybe someday!! I know there is one bitless tack store owner nearby. Perhaps she knows of more people who are interested in riding bitless.

For now, I would be better off being a student Laughing

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